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The #govolcanic project ‘s full wine-portfolio was first introduced on 1st July 2016 in London.

This is a joint initiative between a UK wine merchant, Witness Mountain Ltd and Hungarian wine growers. It aims to promote, introduce, and ultimately sell small production, extremely high-quality wines that come from some of Hungary’s oldest, most extreme and predominantly volcanic appellations.  The project’s primary target audience is top hotels and restaurants.

The #govolcanic selection currently consists of about 30 different wines, but we tend to showcase only ten from these at any one time on our tastings.  The portfolio is painstakingly assembled to cover the widest possible range of varietals, appellations, styles, single vineyards, vintages and traditions of our two millennia old viticulture.  We are unique in showing you Hungary’s famous indigenous varietals from different soils, but also, our selection contains well-known world-varietals like a Merlot , that can taste hugely and surprisingly different when it is harvested from a six-million-year-old volcano.

All our wines are from artisanal wineries, many of them are exclusively available from us only both in Hungary and in the UK. Most are prepared with biodynamic methods, although none officially certified.

One of our flagship indigenous grapes is Juhfark, which is enjoying a huge amount of international publicity.  We made it a priority to focus on this varietal and encourage it’s exposure to a wider market. Our starting selection includes ten different kinds of Juhfark wines, and we are continually testing and purchasing new batches to meet the ever growing demands.

We have put an enormous amount of work and resources into selecting the startup portfolio, the branding and the preliminary market research. For over 11 months we have worked with MWs and MSs and other wine professionals as well as a highly acclaimed UK branding agency to ensure that not only the quality but its presentation is in line with the expectations of a highly competitive, global market.

These are our currently represented cellars in our project and their Appellation:

Fekete Pince Somló       –  Somló
Kolonics Pincészet         –  Somló
Somlói Apátsági Pince  –   Somló
Somlói Vándor Pincészet –  Somló
Szóló Szőlő Borház          –  Somló
Tóth Pince    –  Somló
Zsirai Pincészet  –  Tokaj
Ráspi Pincészet  –  Sopron
J+J Egerwine Kft.   –  Eger
2HA     –  Szt György-hegy

The grape varietals featured include: Juhfark, Furmint, Hárslevelű, Olaszrizling, Kékfrankos, Sangiovese, Merlot and Shiraz.

The founder and manager of this #govolcanicproject is Eva Cartwright.  She is the London-based owner of Somlo Wine Shop (www.somloi.hu/en). The project is endorsed by John Szabo, Canada’s first ever Master Sommelier and writer of the first ever book on the world’s volcanic wine regions and their exquisite wines.  Not surprisingly perhaps, John’s indigenous Hungarian Blaufrankisch from EGER appellation is also part of the #govolcanic portfolio.

Branding:  To The Point Ltd

Photography, including individually commissioned grower- portraits and geological feature-photos: Gabor NAGY

All #govolcanic wines are imported and sold exclusively by Witness Mountain Ltd.  You will find Social Media content on most of the popular SM channels under the #govolcanic hashtag.

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