Cook on the terrace – the second recipe


At the end of our second wine dinner the majority of our guests voted this course as the best food-wine pairing: roasted lamb with vegetables and onion mash + Kőfejtő Juhfark 2015

lamb shank  – cca. 20 dkg /person
To roast together with the meat :
root vegetables diced ( carrots, parsley, celeriac ) – quantities depending on whether we are preparing the mash, too, as an additional side
onion, garlic
Spices: salt, thyme, rosemary
1/2 l Somló cuvée

This dish is best prepared in a clay pot with a lid.  If you haven’t got one, make sure that the food is covered with foil during the slow-roasting.   Put the shank and the diced vegetables into the pot. Add the sliced leek, onion and garlic and the spices. Pour the wine over the lot, then slow-roast in a pre-heated oven for approx. 3-5 hours at 160 C till the meat is tender and/or is easy to separate from the bone. Do not stir or turn during roasting. If you are using a frozen shank, pour approx. 2 dl water under the dish, too.

For the onion – mash, slice the whole onions into rings and fry them on lard or bacon fat. Once tender and nicely brown, add to the mash. Do not put anything else into the mash, other than salt, but with salt, be careful, if you used salted bacon-fat.

Slice the meat once done and serve onto plates with the sides.

István Szabó, Chef


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