On each other slopes – Somlo tasting in Hotel Gellert 2016


The newest Somló wines will once more will be showcased together at Hotel Gellért in April 2016. What’s more: it will be the winegrowers themselves who offer them for tasting this year. 

Over 20 growers from Somló-hill, 3 from Tokaj and 3 from Balaton will be in one place at  the foot of Gellért-hill at the same time on 8th April from 1 pm. 


During the walk around tasting of over 80 different Somló wines we are also offering 3 seminars for those interested. These will of course also revolve around Somló-hill: we will examine it as a volcano as well as a single, world-class wine-appellation. To add a fresh perspective to the latter topic we asked a few well-known winemakers from other appellations to join us. They are all renowned for working on distinct, mostly volcanic terroirs similar to Somló at their own vineyards.
The seminars have a limited seat availability of 45tickets to these will be sold on a first come first served basis. 

Guests of honour to the event will be Bela FEKETE and his wife, Bori from Fekete Cellar.  

Location : Danubius Hotel Gellért 1111 Budapest , Szent Gellért tér 1.

13:00 – 13:15 Opening, walk-around tasting in upstairs ballroom

Wineries: A nagybajuszú Jász Laci pincéje, Barnabás Pince, Barcza Bálint, Bogdán Pincészet, Clements – Erika Borház, Csetvei Pincészet, Fazekas Borászat, Fekete Pince, Géró Peti pincéje, Györgykovács Imre, Hegedűs – Szabó Pincészet, Kancellár Birtok, Kolonics Pincészet, Marton Pincészet, Somlió Birtok, Somlói Apátsági Pincészet, Somlói Vándor pince, St Margit Pincészet, Szalai Pince, Tornai Pincészet, Tóth Pince, Zsirai Pincészet

Seminars with seated tastings in upstairs conference room:
13:30 – 15:00 Virtual Geo-tour on Somló – our volcano like you never seen before with wines you never tasted before

Mr Jozsef VARI-KOVACS speaks about Somló’s geological background. During the presentation, we will taste rare and old Somló wines.

15:00-16:30 Volcanic hills meet each other – winegrowers talk about Balaton and Somló
Participants: Laposa Birtok, Pálffy Pincészet, 2HA from around Lake Balaton,  Bálint Barcza, Tornai Pincészet, Tóth Pince from Somló. During the round-table talks, we will be tasting one wine from each grower present.

16:30 – 18:00 Volcanic eruptions meet each other – winegrowers talk about Tokaj and Somló Participants: Dorka Homoky,  Lajos Takács, Kata Zsirai from Tokaj,  Tamás Kis, Károly Kolonics and György Várszegi ( Kreinbacher Estate ) from Somló. During the round-table talks, we will be tasting 2013 vintage furmints from 4 different soil-type of both appellations. Chairman: Gergő Ripka, writer of Tokaj Guide

Event closes: 20:00 

During the entire event, our guests can choose from a wide range of Danubius Hotel Gellért’s specially created gastronomical selection. Tickets do not contain any food.

*Buy your tickets here 

SÉTÁLÓ  – walk around tasting only, unlimited tasting  – 3900 Ft – with online pre-order, 4500 Ft on site 
KOMBI 1 – walk around tasting + 1 seminar – pre-order only    – 5400 Ft
KOMBI 2 – walk around tasting + 2 seminars – pre-order only – 7900 Ft
KOMBI 3 – walk around tasting + 3 seminars – pre-order only – 8500 Ft

*Ticket purchasing function only available in Hungarian. With KOMBI 1-2 tickets please put the name of the seminar into “note” field as there are only limited seats available for those. 

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